Snuggle In This New Year´s Eve

New Year´s Eve… always a torture trying to decide between painting the town red and staying home to avoid the human traffic and the actual traffic.

As the years pile up on me, I find myself wanting to stay home more often with my loved one and just enjoying a cup of hot chocolate, some chips and marshmallows and a good movie to curl up to. 2016 has proven to be an incredible year so let´s take a breather and welcome 2017 with a well-deserved rest. Here are some snuggly movies to usher in the new year!


New Year´s Eve

A comedy of various stories that are set in New York City, with the city´s annual ball drop in Times Square.



When Harry Met Sally

A classic snuggly movie of all time!



Bridget Jones´ Diary

A romantic movie that even non-romantics will enjoy



Boogie Nights 

A comedy drama about a boy´s adventures in the porn industry, this marks the start of a new era.



200 Cigarettes

A movie of intersecting storylines, all of which that happen on New Year´s Eve.


Happy New Year!