Ithaca, the place he longed for.  He heard fables about this heaven when he was a little boy. “You must find Ithaca, Steve. Find it for all of us” his father said. He rode the earth, asking the people of the north for Ithaca. He asked the south, east and west too but to no avail. On his way back home he decided to cross the seven seas as his last voyage, that’s when he heard the orcas calling his name. “Steve….Steve.” they said.


“Leave the seas and go home.” they said.

“No, I can’t. This is my last chance.”

“What you are looking for is not here,” they said

“It’s not here, it’s where you are. Go home”

Steve got confused; he couldn’t understand what they said. But he crossed the seven seas anyway and returned home soon after, with a heart colored with frustration, and a soul pouring shame. He couldn’t understand how could he find Ithaca home, and if it is that simple then how his family haven’t found it yet?

Then suddenly his brain got lit up, he discovered Ithaca. Ithaca is the peace of mind. It is when you master controlling your mind positively; it’s when your mind set decides to choose happiness and purity even if nothing in your life shows you happiness. This is heaven. This is Ithaca.

He hurried to his Father. “Father, I found it. I found Ithaca.”

“Where?” his father asked,

“Here” he said pointing at their heads. 

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