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You a “fashion victim” and like shopping online? What if you’re not into buying from the major global brands? What if you like to be original and unique? Have a look at GlobalHighStreet.com, a new startup, and check out what they have for you.

GHS is an online shop that offers you a nice selection of cool brands from different parts of the world. Give it a go and check out some serious trendy stuff on their website. GHS doesn’t offer you the wide range of big commercial brands, but they have decided to give it an opportunity also to brands that have just recently started off their activity and are looking to expand their brand’s visibility, to get additional sales, reach global customers, and much more. This is to give you the unique shopping experience from around the World with great products. 

The aim of GlobalHighStreet.com is to change the way people buy their fashion; move away from the large chain stores and focus on brands that are created around the globe. Isn’t that amazing? We all know already how and where to buy the main brands. You just type into Google what you want to buy and you have a long list of websites selling the same products. But why not to be unique, different, original? Find products you never knew even existed, new trending brands from this side of the “puddle” or the other side, or to find similar products all in one place.

Instead of going to the huge brands like Starbucks that charge you big bucks for a coffee, people like to support smaller local businesses and get their coffee from there instead. This is what GHS is about. Shopping fashion is already complicated enough when walking around the city trying to decide which of the shopping malls to step in. Majority of the small brands can’t even afford to have their own physical store, or if they can, they’d still be stuck to just one location. eCommerce is what really allows nowwa days businesses to stand out, get their products out there and be heard as a new brand.

Currently you can already get some trendy accessories from brands like Meller, Take A Shot, Zaini, Melon Optics, Naak, Sail Swag, and there’s plenty more to come.

Currently we’re aiming at fashion as there are so many smaller brands trying to make a name for themselves.” said Tom, the founder of GlobalHighStreet.com.

So, if you have a great brand and look for additional sales, or to get more brand visibility, get in contact with Tom directly via tom@globalhighstreet.com.

Stay tuned with their Facebook Page, or follow them on Instagram for promotions, giveaways and more.

Meelis Paloson

Meelis Paloson

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