Fitness: My journey

My fitness journey began with a unfortunate accident that left me unable to walk for some time.

When I was young I used to love my Bmx bicycle I travelled everywhere on it. One day was different we had been riding around Scotland’s capital Edinburgh for a number of hours and everything was going well, I attempted a trick down Edinburgh’s famous royal mile unfortunately all did not go to plan and I ruptured my cruciate ligament (knee). The pain was excruciating and the recovery was worse having to learn to walk again after surgery was a massive hurdle, But I overcame it and believe that this is why I am so driven a passionate about fitness today I completely 100% had I not done it I would not be where I am today. I had to undergo intense physio which meant I was in the gym alot and once I recovered fully not being very sporty I decided I would stick at it. I now have completely transformed my body, naturally without the use of any steroids, believe in the fitness world the apparent use and normalisation of this drug is shocking nevertheless I choose to Continue down the au’natural  path and hope to inspire others do so as the health benefits are really wonderful.

When I first began the gym I had the “gym anxiety” you know that feeling when you think everyone is looking at you when really it’s all in your head, but as I progressed and got in better shape I realised that it is actually one of the friendliest, safest and greatest environments you can find yourself in, in the modern day everyone is so friendly so forthcoming with help the anxiety soon where’s off believe me. The gym has literally became my friend, my grieving process, therapist you name I know it will be there for me through life’s up and down and allow you to really find yourself. I would strongly recommend anyone to begin their own journey and don’t forget to follow my journey on instagram @craigclapperton. I want you to make this your year and smash down those goals what you waiting for go get it, I belive in you and you should believe in you too. 

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