Write Me Now- The World Is Not Enough

Write Me Now is a game to help improve your creativity by practicing writing, which is the key of becoming a good writer. Test your imagination by writing a story that you didn’t choose. You will be given a beginning and an ending, and you get to fill the story with whatever plot you come up with to link them together. Share what you wrote here in the comments space below with other writers and see how they imagined the story to be. So open up your mind and let the stream of ideas gush into reality and let’s write me now.


The Beginning:

“Clair, call him again” I asked my nurse to call my son for me.  Though I’m suffering from Quadriplegia, this was the first time in five years that I have really felt like I’m tied down to the bed. I haven’t seen him in a month. He was 33 years old; he has been diagnosed with liver cancer, advanced stage. His days were numbered and mine are countless. I have been trying to reach him for over two weeks; I started to lose my mind. My baby boy was alone, facing death. Clair held the phone to my ear “Robert,” My throat burned from holding back my tears, “Mom, please don’t cry!” his distressed voice made me feel my paralysis more intense than ever. A mother shouldn’t live to see the day her son loses his youth; it’s against all natural laws. “I just missed you,” I paused for a second then continued “Look, don’t worry, I am coming to get you, and then everything is going to be alright!” I said, while silently tears pooling my face. He gave me a sad laugh, a one that pierced my heart with a kind of sorrow that I have never known before, I would have chosen to die a thousand deaths than to hear this laughter,  “I really wish this could be true, Mom” “I know, me too. I just needed to say it” I needed to believe it more than just say it. In that very moment I wished we could go back in time where he used to come back from school bitching about his football team and me holding him tight to reassure him that everything was going to work out just fine. “And I needed to hear it.” He sounded relieved as If I had given him hope to live once more.


….Write Me Now….


The Ending:

I flipped open my phone to read Robert’s WhatsApp message.  Rachel and I are running late, C u at the Royal Plaza at 8. I replied well; an urgent meeting with the board just popped up at last minute, so 8 is perfect. I put down my phone and got back to the piles of work that needed to be done. 

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